Are you looking for anxiety therapy or counseling in Brooklyn? I’m Dr. Lilly, a Brooklyn native, toddler mom, and former resident of California. I bring 12 years of expertise as a licensed clinical psychologist with a specialization in anxiety and OCD to my partnerships with clients. As a team, we will come to a shared understanding of the problems that bring you to therapy, as well as a plan for feeling better. Along the way, you’ll become educated about anxiety and learn to catch it in the moment, straight in its tracks.

I have found that the ingredients of motivation to make change – especially regular practice – and the connection between you and your psychologist predict the success of therapy. For some individuals, more intensive (twice-weekly) therapy is preferred. This treatment model is especially exciting to me because of how rapidly change can ensue. As we start to feel better and experience the benefits of our hard work, many of us are motivated to continue investing the effort required for long-lasting change.

Over the years, I have been privileged to work with countless individuals from Brooklyn and beyond. Through lots of practice and warm guidance, these individuals have become skillful at facing their fears without doing the things, ie: compulsions or ruminations, that continue the cycle of anxiety. With long-term freedom from anxiety, a life that includes fulfillment, ease, valued activities and relationships becomes possible. 

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Understanding Your Unique Journey

Your path to overcoming anxiety is as unique as you are. That’s why I begin with a comprehensive assessment, carefully designed to understand your specific needs and life experiences. During our initial sessions, we’ll delve into your history, identify triggers, and explore the underlying causes of your anxiety. This thorough understanding allows us to create a customized roadmap for your treatment, ensuring that every step we take is aligned with your personal goals, strengths, and challenges.

A Supportive Partnership

Personalized anxiety therapy

When you step into my welcoming Brooklyn office – virtual or in-person, we’ll explore techniques that are grounded in science, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT): Learn to identify and reshape thought patterns that contribute to anxiety. This approach helps you develop more constructive thinking patterns and behaviors, enabling you to manage anxiety more effectively.
  • Mindfulness practices: The practice of attending – without judgment – to present experiences (both those underneath and outside of our skin) is foundational to making behavioral changes. It is only in the present moment that we can choose skillful action. 
  • Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP): With ERP, we gradually confront – instead of avoid – feared situations or thoughts. In the short-term, avoidance often works. However, for those interested in feeling better for the long-term, we need to gain practice in gradually tolerating the discomfort of our fears. In a controlled and supportive environment, you can build resilience and gain confidence in managing anxiety. You will learn that anticipation is often worse than the actual fear itself, that discomfort passes, and that you are stronger than you think. 

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Flexible Counseling for Your Busy Life

Understanding the demands of life in New York City, I offer flexible scheduling options, including morning and evening appointments. Whether you prefer in-person psychotherapy in my conveniently located Brooklyn Heights office, or the comfort of teletherapy, your mental health care can seamlessly fit into your lifestyle. I understand that balancing work, family, and personal commitments is often challenging; my goal is to make therapy as accessible and convenient as possible. Additionally, I offer various resources and support tools that you can use between sessions to maintain your progress and stay connected to your goals.

Empowering Your Growth Through Therapy

My approach goes beyond symptom management. Together, we’ll work to unlock your inner strengths, fostering resilience and personal growth. Many clients find that psychotherapy for anxiety not only alleviates their immediate concerns but also opens doors to new perspectives and a more fulfilling life. We’ll explore your values, strengths, and aspirations, helping you to build a life that is rich in meaning and purpose. By addressing both the symptoms and root causes of anxiety, we can create lasting change and empower you to achieve your fullest potential.

Your First Step Towards More Ease in Life

Taking the first step is brave, and – like dating – it often requires persistence to find the right match. You don’t have to face anxiety alone. Whether you’re dealing with generalized anxiety, panic attacks, or specific phobias, together, we transform anxiety into an opportunity for growth and empowerment. In Brooklyn and beyond, I stand ready to support you with professional expertise, warmth, and a commitment to your well-being.

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